Linkage generally means "the manner or style of being united", and can refer to:

  • Genetic linkage, the tendency of certain genes to be inherited together
  • Flux linkage, the total flux passing through a surface formed by a closed conducting loop
  • Linkage (mechanical), assemblies of links designed to manage forces and movement
  • Linkage (policy), a Cold War policy of the United States of America towards the Soviet Union and Communist China
  • Linkage (linguistics), a group of undoubtedly related languages
  • Linkage (software), a concept in computer programming describing how names can or can not refer to the same entity throughout a program
  • Linkage (album), the third album by J-pop singer Mami Kawada, released in 2010

Other articles related to "linkages, linkage":

Mipomersen - Structure
... antisense oligonucleotide the nucleotides are linked with phosphorothioate linkages rather than the phosphodiester linkages of RNA and DNA, and the sugar parts are deoxyribose in the middle part of the ... with 3'→5' phosphorothioate linkages ...
Mechanism (engineering) - Types of Mechanisms - Linkages
... See also Linkage (mechanical) A linkage is a collection of links connected by joints ... Perhaps the single most useful example is the planar four-bar linkage ... However, there are many more special linkages Watt's linkage is a four-bar linkage that generates an approximate straight line ...
Cognate Linkage
... In kinematics, cognate linkages are linkages that ensure the same input-output relationship or coupler curve geometry, while being dimensionally dissimilar ... In case of four-bar linkage coupler cognates, the Roberts–Chebyschev Theorem, after Samuel Roberts and Pafnuty Chebyshev, states that each coupler curve can be ... These four-bar linkages can be constructed using similar triangles and parallelograms, and the Cayley diagram (named after Arthur Cayley) ...
Cognate Linkage - Roberts–Chebyschev Theorem
... The theorem states for a given coupler-curve there exist three four-bar linkages, three geared five-bar linkages, and more six-bar linkages which will generate the same path ... for generating the additional two the four bar linkages from a single four-bar mechanism is described below, using the Cayley diagram ...