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Hungarian Grammar - Morphology - Personal Suffixes and Link Vowels
... There are two sets of them Type I uses the a/e set of vowels as link vowels whereas Type II uses the o/e/ö set ... Therefore, their differences are Type I has -a- as link vowel where Type II only uses -o in back-vowel words Type I doesn't use -ö- as link vowel with front-vowel words while Type ... on certain nouns that require low linking vowel) pirosam, szépem, zöldem (possessive suffixes on almost all adjectives) ablakom, szemem, gyümölcsöm (possessive suffixes attached to nouns) v ...
Hungarian Noun Phrase - Slight Noun Irregularities - a Link Vowel
... Certain back-vowel nouns, e.g ... ház ("house"), always use the vowel a as a link vowel where the link vowel is usually -o/-e/-ö, except with the superessive case -on/-en/-ön/-n ... The link vowel -o/(-a)/-e/-ö occurs with the following suffixes -ok/(-ak)/-ek/-ök/-k for noun plurals, e.g ...
Hungarian Verbs - Tenses - Past Tense
... concerned, there are three types Type I never uses link vowel (mostly those with "soft" ending consonants, i.e ... sonorants) Type II only uses link vowel in the 3rd person singular indefinite (those that could be regarded as "middle-hard" consonants) Type III uses ... nyit, köt, fut, jut, süt, üt, fűt) long vowel + t (e.g ...

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