Line Segment

In geometry, a line segment is a part of a line that is bounded by two distinct end points, and contains every point on the line between its end points. Examples of line segments include the sides of a triangle or square. More generally, when the end points are both vertices of a polygon, the line segment is either an edge (of that polygon) if they are adjacent vertices, or otherwise a diagonal. When the end points both lie on a curve such as a circle, a line segment is called a chord (of that curve).

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Harmonic Division
... In geometry, harmonic division of a line segment AB means identifying two points C and D such that AB is divided internally and externally in the same ratio In ... Harmonic division of a line segment is reciprocal if points C and D divide the line segment AB harmonically, the points A and B also divide the line segment CD ... are not equal!) Harmonic division of a line segment is a special case of Apollonius' definition of the circle ...
Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation - Overview
... The body is divided at its skeletal joints, and each pair of joints defines a line segment (a "limb") ... The relationship of those segments in three dimensional space using a spherical coordinate system ... If one end of a line segment is held in a fixed position, that point is the center of a sphere whose radius is the length of the line segment ...
Line Segment - As A Degenerate Ellipse
... A line segment can be viewed as a degenerate case of an ellipse in which the semiminor axis goes to zero, the foci go to the end points, and the eccentricity goes to one ...
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... severing the connection of the length and width line segments of the rectangle at one of the rectangle's corners, and displacing each line segment from each other ... an angle between the termini of the dislocated rectangle's length line segment and width line segment may be specified ...
Golden-ratio - Mathematics - Geometry - Dividing A Line Segment
... algorithm produces a geometric construction that divides a line segment into two line segments where the ratio of the longer to the shorter line segment is the golden ratio ... This circle intersects the original line segment AB at point S ... Point S divides the original segment AB into line segments AS and SB with lengths in the golden ratio ...

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