Limb can refer to:

  • Limb (anatomy), an appendage of a human or animal
  • Limb (astronomy) The outer edge of the apparent disk of as celestial body.
  • Limb darkening, in astronomy, the appearance of the border of the disk of a celestial body
  • Limb Music, a record label
  • Limb, a large or main branch of a tree
  • Limb, in a measuring instrument, the graduated edge of a circle or arc
  • Limb, in botany, the border or upper spreading part of a sympetallous corolla, or of a petal or sepal

Other articles related to "limb":

Types of Limb Restraints
... Limb restraints can be fabric, leather or metal ... The most commonly used type of limb restraints are fabric restraints ...
Limb Restraint
... Limb restraints are physical restraints that are applied to a person's arms or legs ... The application of limb restraints on both arms and legs at once is sometimes known as a four-point restraint ... As a medical restraint, limb restraints are soft, padded cuffs which are applied to a patient to prevent the patient from causing harm to him/herself or to others ...
Limbé Arrondissement
... Limbé (Creole Lenbe) is an arrondissement in the Nord Department of Haiti ... Postal codes in the Limbé Arrondissement start with the number 16 ... consists of the following municipalities Limbé Bas-Limbé ...
Limbé, Nord
... Limbé (Creole Lenbe) is a municipality in the Limbé Arrondissement, in the Nord Department of Haiti ... The arrondissement du Limbé (borough of Limbé) includes two communes Limbé and Bas-Limbé (Low-Limbé) ... The commune du Limbé includes seven rural sections Tanmas (1st), Haut-Limbé, Souffrieres, Ravine-des-Roches, 4th or Simalo, Camp-Coq and 8th section (near the town of Plaisance) ...
Lunar Limb
... The lunar limb is the edge of the visible surface of the Moon as viewed from Earth ... The irregularity of the lunar limb is the cause of Baily's beads — beads of sunlight that shine through in some places, and not in others, during a solar ... The contrast of a brightly illuminated limb against a black sky makes it a popular target when testing telescope and binocular optics ...

Famous quotes containing the word limb:

    We need not fear excessive influence. A more generous trust is permitted. Serve the great. Stick at no humiliation. Grudge no office thou canst render. Be the limb of their body, the breath of their mouth. Compromise thy egotism.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    should some limb of the devil
    Destroy the view by cutting down an ash
    That shades the road, or setting up a cottage
    Planned in a government office, shorten his life,
    Manacle his soul upon the Red Sea bottom.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    I doubt that I would have taken so many leaps in my own writing or been as clear about my feminist and political commitments if I had not been anointed as early as I was. Some major form of recognition seems to have to mark a woman’s career for her to be able to go out on a limb without having her credentials questioned.
    Ruth Behar (b. 1956)