Liluah - The Town

The Town

The railway line divides Liluah into 2 parts.Since 2010 both these parts were joined by a flyover constructed over the Liluah railway station.

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Beltana, South Australia - History - The Town
... The town’s first building was Martin’s eating house which was built in 1870 to take advantage of the discovery of copper at Sliding Rock 20 km east of Beltana ... The town's location had already been chosen as a repeater station site for the Australian overland telegraph and in 1870 the telegraph contract of Charles Todd brought ... In 1873 the town was surveyed and laid out with an enthusiastic 115 allotments, room allowed for parklands and further expansion, with reserved allotments for a school, police station and hospital ...
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... The town itself straddles the Huasca-Tulancingo road and serves as a commerce center for the surrounding rural Tulancingo Valley ... The town center has municipality’s main public buildings, including the area’s only library, the Biblioteca Pública Municipal Profra ... The town hosts the Expo-Acatlán at the end of September, which features dairy products and crafts as well as rides, cultural events and other attractions ...
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