Lillie is a British television serial made by London Weekend Television for ITV and broadcast in 1978.

This period serial starred Francesca Annis in the title role of Lillie Langtry. She had played the same character in the 1975 serial Edward the Seventh and many of the same writers and directors that were responsible for that series helped to create this one.

Other actors featured include Anton Rodgers as Edward Langtry, Peter Egan as Oscar Wilde, Brian Deacon as Frank Miles, Jennie Linden as Patsy Cornwallis-West, Don Fellows as James Whistler, David Gwillim as Arthur Jones and Annette Crosbie as Henrietta Labouchere. Denis Lill played Bertie the Prince of Wales, later Edward the VII. He had played Frederick Ponsonby to Timothy West's Edward in the aforementioned Edward the Seventh whereas Crosbie played Queen Victoria in that production.

It is available on DVD in both the UK and North American markets, and has also been repeated on UKTV Drama.

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