Lillian Stewart Carl

Lillian Stewart Carl (born 1949) is an American author of mystery, fantasy and science-fiction novels.

Carl resides in North Texas. She has been a friend of Lois McMaster Bujold since childhood; both authors credit Carl with getting Bujold started writing. This is described in the introduction to Bujold's collection Dreamweaver's Dilemma. Bujold's second novel, The Warrior's Apprentice, is dedicated to Carl. Both authors are friends with fantasy and sci-fi author Patricia Wrede. Lillian co-edited The Vorkosigan Companion, a retrospective on Lois McMaster Bujold's science fiction work, with John Helfers. It was published by Baen Books in December 2008 and nominated for a Hugo Award in the "Best Related" category at Anticipation, the 2009 Worldcon.

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