Light Source

  • (noun): Any device serving as a source of illumination.
    Synonyms: light

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... artwork in thin very translucent porcelain that can only be seen clearly when back lit with a light source ... The images change characteristics depending on the light source behind them ... From this is derived a meaning for lithophane of "light in stone" or to "appear in stone" as the three dimensional image appears suddendly when lit with a back light source ...
Loupe - Uses - Dentistry
... Together with proper access to the oral cavity, light is an important part of performing precision dentistry ... Because a dentist's head often eclipses the overhead dental lamp, loupes may be fitted with a light source ... Loupe-mounted lights used to be fed by fiber optic cables that connected to either a wall-mounted or table-top light source ...
Automated Optical Inspection - Process - Light Source
... The test engineer has the option to choose which light source to use for the lighting a LED, fluorescent light, or in certain industries other light sources such as IR or UV ... Some users believe that LED light measures post-print solder brick height more accurately than a fluorescent light source ... This accuracy also makes LED light a good tool for post-reflow solder joint inspection ...
Bounce Board - Types - Board Reflectors
... boards, this kind of reflector is located independent of a light source the light is reflected off its surface, either to achieve a broader light source, or control shadows and ... used to control contrast in both artificial and natural lighting, in place of a fill light or "kick" light ... In this case, light "spilling" from the main ambient or key light illuminating a scene is reflected back into the scene with a varying degrees of precision and intensity, according to the chosen ...
Light Meter - Exposure Meter Calibration - Calibrated Reflectance
... It is commonly stated that reflected-light meters are calibrated to an 18% reflectance, but the calibration has nothing to do with reflectance, as should be ... notion of reflectance is implied by a comparison of incident- and reflected-light meter calibration ... Combining the reflected-light and incident-light exposure equations and rearranging gives Reflectance is defined as A uniform perfect diffuser (i.e ...

Famous quotes containing the words source and/or light:

    To not know would be a source of pain.
    Sophocles (497–406/5 B.C.)

    Men’s hearts are cold. They are indifferent. Not all the coal that is dug warms the world. It remains indifferent to the lives of those who risk their life and health down in the blackness of the earth; who crawl through dark, choking crevices with only a bit of lamp on their caps to light their silent way; whose backs are bent with toil, whose very bones ache, whose happiness is sleep, and whose peace is death.
    Mother Jones (1830–1930)