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Tampere Light Rail - TASE 2025 Light Rail Plan
... TASE 2025 report published in 2007 recommended the creation of a light rail system running alongside major roads linking central Tampere to the suburbs of Vuores and Hervanta in ... In addition to the light rail system the study recommended the creation of a commuter rail line utilising pre-existing railroad lines as well as improvements into pre-ex ... to these recommendations the initial parts of the light rail system would be opened in 2015 ...
Tampere Light Rail
... The Tampere light rail system is a proposed rail-based public transport system to be built in Tampere, Finland ... Studies on the viability of a light rail system in Tampere has been studied since 2001 as parts of regional plans for public transport alongside heavy rail and bus solutions ... countil will make the decision on whether or not the proposed system will be realised ...
Interurban - North America - United States - Remaining and New Lines
... The streetcar systems constructed in the 19th and early 20th centuries typically only ran in single-car setups ... Some rail lines experimented with multiple unit configurations, where streetcars were joined together to make short trains, but this did not become common until later ... Newark, and New Orleans) continued to operate large streetcar systems ...
Trams In Turku - Possible Future Rail Systems - Light Rail
... Turku light rail planned route map Legend Raisio Kuloinen Mälikkälä Runosmäki Turku harbour Nättinummi Linnakaupunki Iso-Heikkilä To Naantali/Uusik ... a preliminary study to be made about the possible construction of a light rail system in the city, replacing the most popular bus connections that are already running at maximal ... This study recommended the creation of a light rail system with a track gauge of 1,524 mm (5 ft) to facilitate the usage of train tracks in parts of ...
Rail - Other Uses
... Crayon Rails, the generic term for a board game which recreates the building of railroads via the use of crayons Rail (1967 short film), made by Geoffrey Jones for British Transport ...

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