Light Infantry

Traditionally light infantry (or skirmishers) were soldiers whose job was to provide a skirmishing screen ahead of the main body of infantry, harassing and delaying the enemy advance. Light infantry was distinct from medium, heavy or line infantry. Heavy infantry were dedicated primarily to fighting in tight formations that were the core of large battles. Light infantry often fought in close co-ordination with heavy infantry, where they could screen the heavy infantry from harassing fire, and the heavy infantry could intervene to protect the light infantry from attacks of enemy heavy infantry or cavalry. Heavy infantry originally had heavier arms and more armour than light infantry, but this distinction was lost as the use of armour declined and gunpowder weapons became standardized.

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History Of British Light Infantry
... The History of British light infantry goes back to the early days of the British Army, when irregular troops and mercenaries added skills in light infantry fighting ... century, the Army dedicated some line regiments as specific light infantry troops, were trained under the Shorncliffe System devised by Sir John Moore and Sir Kenneth MacKenzie Douglas ... The light infantry had the nickname light bobs first used during the American Wars of Independence, and commonly applied to the Light Division during the ...
Contemporary Light Infantry Forces - Modern Light Infantry Units
... Infantry intended for difficult terrain such as mountains (10th Mountain Division, 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Mountain), Alpini, 27ème bataillon de Chasseurs alpins) or ... India - Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry, Sikh Light Infantry, and the Maratha Light Infantry regiments form part of the infantry Orbat. 75th Ranger Regiment a flexible, highly trained, and rapidly deployable airborne light infantry unit, used for special operations ...
List Of Battalions And Locations Of The Ulster Defence Regiment - County Connections
... Regiment of Militia, later known as the Armagh Light Infantry and (in 1881) 3rd Princess Victoria's Regiment (Royal Irish Fusiliers) ... (the North Down Militia) and the Royal South Down Light Infantry, later known as 5 Royal Irish Rifles (the South Down Militia) ... Fermanagh Regiment which became the Fermanagh Light Infantry and (in 1881) the 3rd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers ...
Abyssinia (battle Honour) - Battle Honour
... Bombay Engineer Group 2nd Bombay Infantry - 2nd Battalion, The Grenadiers 3rd Bombay Infantry - 1st Battalion, Maratha Light Infantry 10th Bombay Infantry - 3rd ...
Large Regiment - Future Infantry Structure
... As part of this process, all infantry would be organised as large single cap badge regiments of two or more battalions ... and Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment were converted to light infantry in 2005 and transferred to the Light Division ... The Light Division formed a single five-battalion "large/large" regiment, The Rifles on 1 February 2007 from The Devonshire and Dorset Light Infantry The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire ...

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