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Military History Of Australia During World War I - Egypt and Palestine - Battle of Magdhaba
... With the 1st Light Horse Brigade in reserve, Chauvel sent the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade and the 3rd Light Horse Brigade to move on Magdhaba by the north and north–east to cut off the possibility of ... The 1st Light Horse Brigade advanced mounted to the attack but fierce shrapnel fire forced them to advance up the wadi bed ... By midday all three brigades and the Camel Brigade, with Vickers and Lewis Gun sections and Honourable Artillery Company artillery were hotly engaged ...
Battle Of Abu Tellul - Prelude - Defending Force
... The Abu Tellul sector was held by two regiments of the 1st Light Horse Brigade the 2nd Light Horse Regiment held four posts "Mussallabeh", "Maskera" "The Bluff" and "Vyse ... the attacks began, the commander of the 3rd Light Horse Regiment was asked if he thought the front line could stop a determined attack at Abu Tellul – “ No, they are bound to come through The posts ... ” The 1st Light Horse Regiment formed the brigade reserve ...
Battle Of Mughar Ridge - Prelude - Allenby Prepares For Battle As Kress Counter-attacks - Ottoman Counter-attack Australian Mounted Division, 12 November
... About 4,000 Australian and British mounted troops of 3rd and 4th Light Horse and 5th Mounted Brigades moved northwards in a conspicuous demonstration of aggression ... it appeared that the Ottoman formations had retired altogether the 9th Light Horse Regiment (3rd Light Horse Brigade) rode through Berkusie, one troop pressing on to occupy Tel ... The 5th Mounted Brigade also found Balin unoccupied, and rapidly advanced northwards towards Tel es Safi and Kustineh ...
Battle Of El Buggar Ridge - Battle - Point 720
... The 3rd Light Horse Brigade (Australian Mounted Division) was ordered at 0820 to move to the east side of the Wadi Ghuzzee at Gamli at once, coming under orders of the 53rd (Welsh) Division, when the ... Two hours later, as one infantry brigade, two squadrons of cavalry and two batteries were attacking Ottoman forces as they moved towards Points 720 and 630 they were heavily shelled at 1030 causing ... By As the 9th Light Horse Regiment (3rd Light Horse Brigade) was fighting their way towards el Buqqar and Point 720, at 1135, the 8th Mounted Brigade reported by phone to the Australian Mounted Divisional ...

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