Light Activated Resin

Light Activated Resin

Light-activated resins are one-part translucent polymers that cure and quickly harden when exposed to specific light spectrums. The required wavelength for cure is specific to the resin chemistry.

The resin remains liquid (thick, like syrup or honey) under normal indoor lighting which allows the user to work with the material until curing is desired. After curing, light-activated resin is denser than air-cured resins due to its inherent chemistry and because no mixing is required that might introduce air bubbles.

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Light Activated Resin - Uses
... Dentists have used visible-light activated resins as adhesives for decades ... Resin cements are utilized in luting cast ceramic, full porcelain, and veneer restorations that are thin or translucent to permit visible light penetration and thus polymerize ... Light-activated cements may be radiolucent and are usually provided in various shades since they are utilized in esthetically demanding situations ...

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