To lie is to deliver a false statement to another person which the speaking person knows is not the whole truth, intentionally.

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Lie - Religious Perspectives - In Zoroastrianism
... the universe Asha, which is truth, order and that which is real, and Druj, which is "the Lie" ... Later on the Lie became personified as Angra Mainyu, a figure similar to the Christian Devil, who was portrayed as the eternal opponent of Ahura Mazda (God) ...
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... Semisimple Lie algebra Semisimple Lie group Simple Lie algebra Simple Lie group Simple root Simply laced group A simple Lie group is simply laced when its Dynkin diagram is without multiple edges Steinberg ...
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Famous quotes containing the word lie:

    We laugh at him who steps out of his room at the very moment when the sun steps out, and says: “I will the sun to rise”; and at him who cannot stop the wheel, and says: “I will it to roll”; and at him who is taken down in a wrestling match, and says: “I lie here, but I will that I lie here!” And yet, all laughter aside, do we ever do anything other than one of these three things when we use the expression, “I will”?
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Your richest veins don’t lie nearest the surface.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    A lie will easily get you out of a scrape, and yet, strangely and beautifully, rapture possesses you when you have taken the scrape and left out the lie.
    —C.E. (Charles Edward)