Lichfield Canal - Route


Point Coordinates
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OS Grid Ref Notes
Huddlesford Junction 52°41′00″N 1°46′38″W / 52.6833°N 1.7771°W / 52.6833; -1.7771 (Huddlesford Junction) SK15160953 Junction with Coventry Canal
Watery lane accommodation bridge 52°40′50″N 1°46′53″W / 52.6806°N 1.7815°W / 52.6806; -1.7815 (Watery lane accommodation bridge) SK14880923
Cappers Lane 52°40′47″N 1°46′58″W / 52.6798°N 1.7829°W / 52.6798; -1.7829 (Cappers Lane) SK14770914
Darnford Bridge 52°40′31″N 1°47′45″W / 52.6753°N 1.7958°W / 52.6753; -1.7958 (Darnford Bridge) SK13830870
A5 Tamworth Road, Freeford Bridge 52°40′20″N 1°48′08″W / 52.6723°N 1.8022°W / 52.6723; -1.8022 (A51 road) SK13460830
A38 road 52°40′21″N 1°48′18″W / 52.6725°N 1.8051°W / 52.6725; -1.8051 (A38 road) SK13290833 Lichfield bypass
A5206 London Road 52°40′19″N 1°49′21″W / 52.6720°N 1.8226°W / 52.6720; -1.8226 (A5206 London Road) SK12090826
Bend 52°40′16″N 1°49′38″W / 52.6710°N 1.8272°W / 52.6710; -1.8272 (Bend) SK11770816
Shortbutts Lane 52°40′19″N 1°49′45″W / 52.6719°N 1.8293°W / 52.6719; -1.8293 (Shortbutts Lane) SK11630826
Cross-City Line Rail 52°40′29″N 1°49′49″W / 52.6747°N 1.8302°W / 52.6747; -1.8302 (Cross-City railway line) SK11570856
Fosseway Lane 52°40′08″N 1°51′09″W / 52.6688°N 1.8526°W / 52.6688; -1.8526 (Fosseway Lane) SK10060790 locks below - Ogley 3rd flight
Wall Lane 52°39′59″N 1°51′32″W / 52.6665°N 1.8589°W / 52.6665; -1.8589 (Wall Lane) SK09650765
Shaw's Bridge 52°39′55″N 1°51′53″W / 52.6653°N 1.8646°W / 52.6653; -1.8646 (Shaw's Bridge) SK09260751
Pipehill A451 Walsall Road 52°40′02″N 1°52′08″W / 52.6673°N 1.8689°W / 52.6673; -1.8689 (Pipehill A451 Walsall Road) SK08970774 meets disused railway
Coppice Lane 52°39′44″N 1°52′37″W / 52.6622°N 1.8770°W / 52.6622; -1.8770 (Coppice Lane) SK08430717
A461 Walsall Road 52°39′38″N 1°52′34″W / 52.6606°N 1.8762°W / 52.6606; -1.8762 (A461 road) SK08480696 locks below - Ogley 2nd flight
A5 road (Great Britain) 52°39′22″N 1°52′47″W / 52.6562°N 1.8796°W / 52.6562; -1.8796 (A5 road) SK08260649 Muckley Corner
Boat Bridge A461 52°39′07″N 1°53′20″W / 52.6519°N 1.8888°W / 52.6519; -1.8888 (Boat Bridge A461) SK07630602
M6 Toll - new Lichfield Canal Aqueduct 52°39′19″N 1°54′05″W / 52.6552°N 1.9015°W / 52.6552; -1.9015 (M6 Toll) SK06760638 Unfinished aqueduct, part of restoration project
Barracks Lane 52°39′10″N 1°54′30″W / 52.6529°N 1.9082°W / 52.6529; -1.9082 (Barracks Lane) SK06310613 locks below - Ogley 1st flight
Ogley Junction 52°39′06″N 1°54′59″W / 52.6516°N 1.9163°W / 52.6516; -1.9163 (Ogley Junction) SK05770598 Junction with remaining Wyrley and Essington Canal

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