Libertarian Socialism - Libertarian Socialist Periodicals

Libertarian Socialist Periodicals

  • Against the Grain: a libertarian socialist newspaper (USA 1976–1978)
  • Anarcho-Syndicalist Review (United States)
  • Big Flame (UK, 1960s–70s)
  • Comment: New Perspectives in Libertarian Thought (US, 1960s, edited by Murray Bookchin)
  • Democracy & Nature (US/UK) – succeeded by The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy (belongs to the direct democratic, libertarian socialist and autonomy traditions)
  • Contemporary Issues-Dinge der Zeit (English and German language "magazine for a democracy of content, 1947–1997 published by Joseph Weber, Murray Bookchin's mentor)
  • Flash Point: a libertarian socialist newsjournal (Saskatoon, Canada, 1970s)
  • Freedom newspaper (United Kingdom)
  • Heatwave (UK, 1960s)
  • Leeds Other Paper (UK, 1974–1991)
  • Libertarian Communism (UK, 1974–1976)
  • New Internationalist (UK)
  • Organized Thoughts (US, 1990s)
  • Our Generation (originally Our Generation Against Nuclear War), 1961–1994; a historical and theoretical journal
  • Rebelles (Quebec, 1990s)
  • Red and Black Notes (Toronto, 1997 2006-, features Cajo Brendel, Cornelius Castoriadis, Martin Glaberman, CLR James, Larry Gambone and others)
  • Red & Black Revolution (Publication of The Workers Solidarity Movement, Ireland)
  • Root and Branch (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 1970–, featured work of Paul Mattick and others)
  • Social Anarchism (journal), a Baltimore-based journal founded in 1981 and currently publishing.
  • Socialisme ou Barbarie (France)
  • Socialist Standard (UK, 1904–present)
  • Solidarity (UK, 1960s–70s)
  • Der Sozialist, (Germany, 1900s, co-edited by Gustav Landauer and Margarethe Hardegger)
  • Tegen de Stroom (1990s, Netherlands)
  • The Commune (UK, 2008–)
  • The Libertarian Communist (UK, 2008–)
  • Workers Solidarity (Publication of the Workers Solidarity Movement, Ireland)
  • Zenit Sweden, 1958–1970 (Magazine by Syndikalistiska Grupprörelsen)
  • Turnusol (Turkey, 2008)
  • Z Magazine

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    I sometimes have the sense that I live my life as a writer with my nose pressed against the wide, shiny plate glass window of the “mainstream” culture. The world seems full of straight, large-circulation, slick periodicals which wouldn’t think of reviewing my book and bookstores which will never order it.
    Jan Clausen (b. 1943)

    Democracy is the wholesome and pure air without which a socialist public organization cannot live a full-blooded life.
    Mikhail Gorbachev (b. 1931)