Liberation Force

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Infinite Undiscovery - Synopsis - Characters - Main Characters
... the game, Capell is rescued from a secret prison by Aya, a member of the Liberation Force ... resemblance to Sigmund the Liberator, the leader of the Liberation Force of which Aya was a part ... Many battles are then thrown at the Liberation force ...
Infinite Undiscovery - Synopsis - Characters - Supporting Cast
... their deadliness, agreed to go with Seraphina to join the Liberation Force ... Her financial backing and sway over the other Aristos is a major factor in the Liberation Force's success ... Genma is a member of the Liberation Force, and a powerful Nightwhisper Clan ninja from Halgita ...

Famous quotes containing the words force and/or liberation:

    what affects our hearts
    Is not the exactness of peculiar parts;
    ‘Tis not a lip, or eye, we beauty call,
    But the joint force and full result of all.
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)

    The message of women’s liberation is that women can love each other and ourselves against our degrading education.
    Jane Rule (b. 1931)