Li Ling

Li Ling may refer to:

    <li>Li Ling (Han Dynasty) (died 74 BC), Chinese general in the Han Dynasty
  • Li Ling (shot putter) (born 1985), Chinese shot putter
  • Li Ling (pole vaulter) (born 1989), Chinese pole vaulter
  • Li Ling (sinologist) (born 1948), Chinese Sinologist
  • Li Ling (paralympian) (born 1967), Chinese field athlete
  • Li Ling (netball player) (born 1987), Chinese-born Singaporean netball player
  • Li Ling (actress)

Other articles related to "li ling, li":

Li Ling (Han Dynasty) - Supposed Li Ling's Palace in Khakassia
... palace discovered in Russia's Khakassia (southern Siberia) as the residence of Li Ling in the land of the Xiongnu ... evidence, that the palace may have been the residence of Li Ling ...
Li Ling (Han Dynasty) - Battle, Defeat and Defection
... In 99 BC, Emperor Wu ordered Li Guangli to lead 30,000 men for an offensive from Jiuquan against Xiongnu in the Tianshan region ... Li Ling was assigned to provide escort for Li Guangli's supply line, a role Li Ling disliked very much ... Li Ling therefore requested Emperor Wu to allow him to lead an individual regiment of his own to the east ...

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    As Ah Ling would say, “Even though the eyes may see, the mind will not believe.”
    Joseph O’Donnell, and Clifford Sanforth. Arthur Perry (Bela Lugosi)