Li Jing

Li Jing (李靖, pinyin: Lǐ Jìng) (571 – July 2, 649), né Yaoshi (藥師/药师, pinyin: Yàoshī), formally Duke Jingwu of Wei (衛景武公), was a general and one time chancellor of the Chinese Tang Dynasty. In 630, Li Jing defeated the Eastern Tujue (Göktürk) Jiali Khan Ashina Duobi with just 3,000 cavalry soldiers in a surprise attack, allowing Tang to subjugate Eastern Tujue and reduce it to a vassal state. He and Li Shiji were considered the two most prominent early Tang generals.

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Li Jing (disambiguation)
... Li Jing (571–649) was a Tang Dynasty general assimilated into Chinese myth ... Li Jing may also refer to Zhongzhu of Southern Tang (916–961), second ruler of the Southern Tang Li Jing (deity), fictional character in Fengshen Yanyi Li Jing (actor) (born 1962), Taiwanese television show hostess ...
Li Xiaogong - Campaign Against Xiao Xian
... In fall 621, Emperor Gaozu commissioned Li Xiaogong, with Li Jing as his assistant, to launch a major attack on Xiao Xian's Liang state, with a cousin of Li Xiaogong's, Li Yuan ... under him suggested delaying the campaign, Li Xiaogong, perhaps with Li Jing's suggestion, decided that indeed, the rapid water was a good opportunity to launch a surprise attack ... He, again possibly with Li Jing's suggestion, floated the Liang ships that he captured down the Yangtze, to confuse the approaching Liang relief forces into believing that Jiangling had fallen ...
Li Jing in Fiction
... Li Jing appears in many Chinese folk tales and novels ... (隋唐演義), written by the Qing Dynasty author Chu Renhuo (褚人獲), for example, Li was prominently featured ... The novel that most prominently features Li, however, was the late Tang Dynasty short story Biography of the Dragon-Beard Man (虬髯客傳), written by the official Du Guangting ...
Li Xiaogong - Campaign Against Fu Gongshi
623, the Tang general Fu Gongshi, who had served as the deputy of the powerful general Li Fuwei the Prince of Wu as the military governor of the lower ... Emperor Gaozu commissioned Li Xiaogong to attack Fu, again making Li Jing, who was then in charge of the modern Guangdong and Guangxi region, Li Xiaogong's assistant, and also sending ... Before his army was set to depart Xiang Prefecture, Li Xiaogong held a feast, when, for reasons unexplained, Li Xiaogong's cup, filled with water, suddenly appeared to be filled with blood ...
Murong Fuyun - During Emperor Taizong of Tang's Reign
... Around the new year 635, Emperor Taizong sent Li Jing to attack Tuyuhun again ... Tang forces began engaging Tuyuhun forces, and after some minor victories by Li Jing's subordinate Li Daozong, Murong Fuyun, apparently following the same strategies he ... Most of Li Jing's subordinates believed that it was dangerous to venture further without adequate grazing supplies and advised withdrawal, but Hou Junji opposed the idea ...

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