• (noun): The third book of the Old Testament; contains Levitical law and ritual precedents.
    Synonyms: Book of Leviticus

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Altar (Bible) - Altar of Burnt Offering
... be thrown against the base of the altar (Exodus 2912 Leviticus 418), and portions of the sacrifices would be burned on top of it (precisely which portions would depend upon the type of sacrifice) ... All sacrifices had to be "seasoned with salt" (Leviticus 213, Numbers 1819) Three separate piles of wood burned atop the altar ... states "And a fire shall burn there on the altar constantly it shall not be extinguished" (Leviticus 65) ...
Banishment In The Bible - Leviticus - Leviticus Chapter 26
... Leviticus 2633 And you will I scatter among the nations, and I will draw out the sword after you and your land shall be a desolation, and your cities shall be a waste ... the Israelites from the land if they fail to adhere to the ideology of the book of Leviticus ...
Leviticus Rabbah - Contents
... Leviticus Rabbah is not a continuous, explanatory interpretation to Leviticus, but a collection of exclusive sermons or lectures on the themes or texts of that book ... Leviticus Rabbah often refers to Scriptural passages on which the homilies are based as "par'shiyot," and are further designated according to their contents ... of the Sifra, the legal interpretation of Leviticus "The redactor of the Wayikra Rabbah had nothing to add to the he collected therefore only those haggadic explanations which he found on various texts and ...
Leviticus Rabbah - Relation To The Pesikta
... well as in the form of the several chapters, Leviticus Rabbah bears great resemblance to the Pesikta de-Rav Kahana ... the lectures in the Pesikta, the homilies in Leviticus Rabbah begin with a larger or smaller number of poems on passages mostly taken from the Writings ... Inasmuch, however, as the homilies in Leviticus Rabbah deal largely with topics beyond the subject matter of the Biblical text itself, the explanations of the individual verses are often replaced by ...
Acharei - In Classical Rabbinic Interpretation - Leviticus Chapter 18
... Applying the prohibition against following the ways of the Canaanites in Leviticus 183, the Sages of the Mishnah prohibited going out with talismans like a locust's egg, a fox's tooth ... Mishnah Shabbat 610 Babylonian Talmud Shabbat 67a.) Leviticus 184 calls on the Israelites to obey God’s “statutes” (chukim) and “ordinances” (mish ... violate as beyond reason, like those relating to shaatnez (in Leviticus 1919 and Deuteronomy 2211), halizah (in Deuteronomy 255–10), purification of the person with tzaraat (in ...

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