Lenton may refer to:


  • Lenton, Lincolnshire, Also called Lavington
  • Lenton, Nottingham, a district of the city of Nottingham including:
    • Lenton Abbey, an administrative district
    • Lenton Priory, The remains of a medieval religious establishment
    • Lenton and Wortley Hall of residence at the University
    • Lenton railway station, a railway station built by the Midland Railway and closed in 1911
  • Lenton Bluff, a rock bluff on the north side of the mouth of Jeffries Glacier in the Theron Mountains
  • Lenton Point, a headland in the South Orkney Islands


  • John Lenton (1657–1719), an English composer, violinist, and singer
  • Lenton Parr (1924–2003), an Australian sculptor and teacher born in East Coburg, Victoria
  • Lilian Lenton (1891–1972), an English dancer, suffragist, arsonist, awarded a French Red Cross medal for actions in WWI
  • Tim Lenton, Professor in Earth System Science at the University of East Anglia
  • William Lenton, a rugby league player in the Australian competition

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