Lehi refers to:

In Mormonism:

  • Lehi (Book of Mormon prophet), a prophet in the Book of Mormon of the 7th–6th centuries BC
  • Lehi, son of Helaman, another prophet in the Book of Mormon of the late 1st century BC
  • Lehi, a Nephite military commander in the Book of Mormon
  • Lehi, a fourth figure in the Book of Mormon, son of Zoram


  • Lehi, a location in Judea mentioned in the story of Samson in the Bible. The place's name in full is Ramath Lehi = Jawbone Hill.
  • Lehi, Utah, a city in Utah
  • Lehi, Arizona, a traditionally Mormon agricultural community, now a neighborhood in north central Mesa, Arizona

Other Uses:

  • Lehi (group), a Jewish/Zionist militant group whose centre of operations was the British Mandate of Palestine (also known as the "Stern Group" or "Stern Gang")

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Lehi (Mesa) - History
... Lehi was settled by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, under the direction of Daniel W ... Lehi was initially known as Jonesville and Fort Utah it did not receive the name of Lehi until 1883 when LDS Apostle Brigham Young, Jr ... recommended renaming the settlement after the prophet Lehi from the Book of Mormon ...
Limited Geography Model - Limited Geography and Book of Mormon Population
... Mormon describes a journey by a group of people led by a prophet named Lehi from the Old World to the New World in approximately 600 B.C ... The group left Jerusalem within a few years of Lehi's departure, but was not known to the people of Lehi until some time between 323 and 130 B.C ... inhabitants of the New World long before Lehi's arrival, LDS scholars have long taken a critical view regarding the assumption that no other people were present in the New World at the time of Lehi's ...
Mormon Migration To Utah - Legacy
... Additionally, the Pioneer (characterized as "Pioneer Pete") is Lehi High School's mascot ... Lehi High School is located in Lehi, Utah County ...
Lehi, Son Of Helaman - Second Mission To The Nephites
... Through these experiences, Lehi and Nephi became instrumental in causing the Lamanites to become more righteous than the Nephites, because of the peoples firmness and steadiness in the faith ...
Lehi (Book Of Mormon Prophet)
... According to the Book of Mormon, Lehi ( /ˈliːhaɪ/ LEE-hy) was a prophet who lived in Jerusalem during the reign of king Zedekiah (approximately 600 BC) ... Lehi was an Israelite of the Tribe of Manasseh, and father to Nephi, another prominent prophet in the Book of Mormon ... book of the Book of Mormon, First Nephi, Lehi and Nephi lead their family out of Jerusalem, and across the sea to the "promised land" (the Americas) ...