Lego Castle

LEGO Castle is a LEGO medieval and fantasy theme featuring knights and castles. It was introduced in 1978 and continues to the present. Lego Castle sets were marketed under the LEGOLAND banner until 1991. LEGO decided to change and add LEGO System in 1992, but was dropped after 1999. The year 2008 marked 30 years since the introduction of the Lego Castle theme.

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Lego Models - Lego Castle - Lego Castle
... The Lego Castle sets allow you to create your own Lego Castles. 7092 Skeletons' Prison Carriage 7093 Skeleton Tower 7094 King's Castle Siege ...
Timeline of Lego Castle Themes
... Year Factions Parallel Series 1978–1983 Classic Castle Allies Enemies Outlaws 1984–1986 Crusaders Black Falcons 1987–1991 Forestmen 1992 Black Knights ...
Lego Castle Models - Different Factions (1984-1992) - Lion Knights/Crusaders (1984-1992)
... As with the Black Falcons, Lego never officially named this faction for some time, although catalogues in the United States and Australia used the name ... Examples include the Guarded Inn in 1986, Castle Mini Figures in 1988, and Knights' Challenge, a set that was the successor after the 1979 Knights' Tournament, in 1989 (ten years later) ... The first castle under the Lion Knights was King's Castle ...

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