Lebanese Society

Lebanese society is very modern and similar to certain cultures of Southern Europe as the country is "linked ideologically and culturally to Europe through France, and its uniquely diverse ethnic and religious composition a rare environment that at once Arab and European. It is often considered as Europe's gateway to Western Asia as well as Asia's gateway to the Western World.

The Lebanese organize themselves through the division of specific religious groups. Because each Lebanese sect had different systems of values, they were unable to reach a consensus on fundamental values. As a result, each individual religious sect has a legal system that controls their members’ marriages, inheritance, education, and other personal matters. The sect functions as a unit of identity and social security for the Lebanese, and it is the primary unit that serves in Lebanese politics and administrations. An exception to this administrative organization is the Islamic community. The Muslims never developed any concepts of state or municipal law; thus, has never personally identified with the public administration in Lebanon.

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... Premarital and extramarital sexual relations are frowned upon in the Lebanese society ... There are strong sanctions against this form of improper conduct as a result, these relationships are rare ...

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