Lebanese may refer to:

  • Lebanese people - persons from Lebanon, or of Lebanese descent. For more information, see Demographics of Lebanon and Culture of Lebanon. For specific persons, see List of Lebanese people.
  • Lebanese Arabic, the colloquial form of Arabic spoken in Lebanon. See also Languages of Lebanon.
  • Lebanese cuisine
  • Something of, from, or related to Lebanon, a country in Western Asia, on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Fouad Shehab Command And Staff College
... Fouad Chehab lelkiyada' wal'arkan) is a Lebanese Armed Forces facility that functions as a graduate school for the Lebanese Army in addition to other Arab armies ... The college is named after the former Lebanese Army commander-in-chief and former Lebanese president Fuad Chehab ...
Lebanese Christian Nationalism: The Rise And Fall Of An Ethnic Resistance
... Lebanese Christian Nationalism The Rise and Fall of an Ethnic Resistance is a book by Middle East expert and scholar Walid Phares ... the history and evolution of an ethnic community, the Lebanese Christians, and the rise and fall of an ethno-nationalist movement known as "Lebanese ... Under the Ottoman rule of Lebanon (1516-1919 AD/CE), the Lebanese Christians allied themselves with the Druze and formed a principality in a larger ...
Rola Bahnam
... Rola Bahnam or often spelt Rula Bahnam, is a Lebanese TV presenter of an Iraqi descent ... Rola was born to an Iraqi father and Lebanese mother, and in a recent interview with Shada Hassoun, she stated she was from Mosul ... She was a former member of the Lebanese girl band, The 4 Cats in 1998 ...
Cinema Of Lebanon - Festivals
... One of the world’s biggest showcasing of Lebanese cinema internationally was launched in Sydney on 22 August 2012 ... The Sydney-based Lebanese Film Festival is dedicated to cinema that is broadly Lebanese – either being filmed or set in Lebanon, made by a Lebanese filmmaker, or films with a focus on Lebanon, its people, arts. 2012, the Inaugural Beirut Hellenic Bank Lebanese Film Festival was opened by legendary Australian actor, Bryan Brown and the event showcased 26 films over 12 days ...