Leary may refer to:

  • King Leary or Lóegaire mac Néill, an Irish king
  • Leary (surname)
  • Timothy Leary, American psychologist and writer known for promoting psychedelic drugs
  • Denis Leary
  • Leary, Georgia, USA
  • Leary, Texas, USA
Other uses
  • RCN Series (Lt. Leary series), a series of science fiction novels featuring Daniel Leary, an officer in the Republic of Cinnibar Navy (RCN)
  • USS Leary, the name of two ships in the United States Navy

Famous quotes containing the word leary:

    I’ve never heard of Timothy Leary before, but I want to get into advertising, so I liked when he talked about how whoever controls your eyeballs controls your mind.
    Amy Stewart (b. 1975)