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Learned (surname)
... Learned is an American surname, and may refer to such notable people as Allan Learned (20th century), American football coach Amasa Learned (1750-1825), American politician Ebenezer Learned (1728-1801 ...
Learned, Mississippi - Education
... The Town of Learned is served by the Hinds County School District ... Learned is also the home of REBUL academy, a small private school serving Raymond, Edwards, Bolton, Utica, and Learned, Mississippi ...
Logogen Model - Related Concepts
... refers to the age at which a concept or skills is learned ... Words that are learned earlier in life are more quickly recognized and used more frequently than those learned later ... This states that the reason earlier words are learned quicker is because they are stored holistically ...
Learned Intermediary
... Learned intermediary is a defense doctrine used in the legal system of the United States ... care when he provides all of the necessary information to a "learned intermediary" who then interacts with the consumer of a product ...
Spánverjavígin - Jón The Learned, His Account
... Jón the Learned wrote a critical account condemning the decision of the local sheriff to order the killings ... Jón the Learned wrote about these events Sönn frásaga af spanskra manna skipbrotum og slagi (A True Account of Spanish Men's Shipwrecks and Fighting) ...

More definitions of "learned":

  • (adj): Acquired by learning.
    Example: "Learned skills"
  • (adj): Established by conditioning or learning.
    Synonyms: conditioned
  • (adj): Having or showing profound knowledge.
    Example: "A learned jurist"
    Synonyms: erudite

Famous quotes containing the word learned:

    A learned fool is more a fool than an ignorant fool.
    Molière [Jean Baptiste Poquelin] (1622–1673)

    A man ceases to be a beginner in any given science and becomes a master in that science when he has learned that ... he is going to be a beginner all his life.
    —R.G. (Robin George)

    [My one tennis book] was very, very old. It had a picture of Bill Tilden. I looked at the picture and that was how I learned to hold the racket.
    Maria Bueno (b. 1939)