Le Thanh Dao

Lê Thanh Đạo was a MiG-21 pilot of the Vietnamese People's Air Force, he flew with the 927st fighter regiment and tied for fourth place amongst Vietnam War fighter aces with six kills.

The following kills are known to be credited to him by the VPAF:

  • 18 December 1971, a USAF F-4D (serial number 06-241, 555th Tactical Fighter Wing, pilot Johnson, WSO Vaughan);
  • 10 May 1972, a USN F-4J (pilot Blackburn, RIO Rudloff);
  • 24 July 1972, a USAF F-4;
  • 11 September 1972, a USAF F-4E (pilot Ratzlaff, WSO Heeren).