• (noun): A lipoprotein that transports cholesterol in the blood; composed of moderate amount of protein and a large amount of cholesterol; high levels are thought to be associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.
    Synonyms: low-density lipoprotein, beta-lipoprotein

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Lovaza - Effectiveness
... But, it can raise LDL-cholesterol up to 45% ... The LDL raising activity correlates with a reduction in ApoB levels, though ... of Lipoprotein Lipase, seems to stimulate the production of less atherogenic LDL species ...
Chronic Endothelial Injury Hypothesis - Implications For Diet: Dietary Lipids and LDL Levels
... dietary cholesterol leads to an increase in both total cholesterol (TC) and LDL Cholesterol (LDL-C), however it also leads to increases in the level of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C ... stearic acid and palmitic acid have little effect of LDL-C levels stearic acid actually lowers the LDL/HDL ratio due to a greater increase of HDL-C levels relative ...