LBS is a three-letter abbreviation which may mean:

  • Common brand of German Landesbausparkassen, cf. German public banks.
  • Lazy bowel syndrome, a common bowel issue.
  • Lease Buyback Scheme, a monetisation option introduced by the Singapore Government
  • Leeds Building Society, formerly the Leeds and Holbeck building society.
  • Left Behind Spouse, used in a number of midlife crisis forms.
  • Legendary Banked Slalom, snowboard race held annually at Mt. Baker Ski Area in Washington State
  • Lexington Broadcast Services Company, defunct television production and syndication company
  • Liberia Broadcasting System, state-owned radio broadcasting network in Liberia
  • Liberty Broadcasting System, defunct radio network
  • Liverpool Business School
  • Lotus Business School, a B-School in India affiliated with Pune University
  • Load Balancing System, distributed processing system by Cadence Design Systems
  • Local bike shop, small bicycle service shop
  • Location-based service, mobile feature utilizing location information, such as GPS
  • London Business School, college of the University of London
  • Lauder Business School, Fachhochschule in Vienna, Austria
  • Hypoglycemia, medical term for low blood sugar
  • Louise Brooks Society, fan club for the silent-film star