Lazar of Serbia - Issue


Lazar and Milica had at least seven children:

  1. Mara (died 12 April 1426), married Vuk Branković in around 1371
  2. Dragana (died before July 1395), married Alexander, the son of Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Shishman, in around 1386
  3. Teodora (died before 1405), married Hungarian noble Nicholas II Garay in around 1387
  4. Jelena (died March 1443) married
    1. Đurađ II Stracimirović Balšić, the lord of Zeta, in around 1387
    2. Sandalj Hranić Kosača, Grand Duke of Zahumlje
  5. Olivera (1372 – after 1444), married Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I in 1390
  6. Stefan Lazarević (ca. 1377 – 19 July 1427), prince (1389–1402) and despot (1402–1427)
  7. Vuk Lazarević, prince, executed on 6 July 1410

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