Laver my refer to:

  • Laver (seaweed), a type of algae
  • Laver (name), and persons with the name
  • Lavatorium, a washing facility in a monastery
  • A basin for ritual purification

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... Epping (town)15 Epping Upland 16 Fyfield 16 High Laver 16 High Ongar 16 Lambourne 16 Little Laver 16 Loughton (town)11 Magdalen Laver 16 Matching 16 Moreton 16 ...
Arnold Laver - History
... Arnold Laver started his business using a hand cart, he made customers pay in advance, bought the wood then delivered it ... In its first year, Laver made enough money to buy a horse, named Charlie, to help him with his deliveries ... In 1925 Arnold Laver began negotiations to purchase a much larger site on Bramall Lane and in 1927 the new Olympic Sawmills opened ...
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... In set theory, a Laver function (or Laver diamond, named after its inventor, Richard Laver) is a function connected with supercompact cardinals ...
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List Of Forcing Notions - Laver Forcing
... Laver forcing was used by Laver to show that Borel's conjecture that all strong measure zero sets are countable is consistent with ZFC ... with the continuum hypothesis.) P is the set of Laver trees, ordered by inclusion ... A Laver tree p is a subset of the finite sequences of natural numbers such that p is a tree p contains any initial sequence of any element of p p has a stem a maximal node s(p) = s p such that s t or t s for all ...