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Baikonur Cosmodrome Site 45
... Site 45 A Zenit-2 rocket at Site 45/1 Launch site Baikonur Cosmodrome Location 45°56′35″N 63°39′11″E / 45.943°N 63.653°E / 45.943 63.653 Short name LC-45 Operator RVSN, VKS, RKA Total ... It has been the launch site for all Soviet and Russian government Zenit launches, along with a commercial launch conducted for Globalstar in 1998, and continuing commercial ... The main pad at the site is area 45/1, which was completed in 1983 following five years of construction ...
Sky Quest 5
... dinner break and trips home to pack for those in Chase One which included the launch crew ... a small town due west of Wichita, was selected as the launch site by Bob Rice ... Bussey was about to launch SkyQuest 5 and he was going to assault his own world record for distance in the AX-6 category ...
Space Shuttle Abort Modes - Ascent Abort Modes - Intact Abort Modes - Return To Launch Site (RTLS)
... In a Return To Launch Site (RTLS) abort, the Shuttle would have continued downrange until the solid rocket boosters were jettisoned ... killed and the vehicle began heading back toward the launch site at sufficient velocity to reach a runway ...
2006 North Korean Missile Test - Details - Possibility of Further Launches
... officials believe a second Taepodong-2 has been delivered to the launch site ... presumes a second Taepondong-2 had been transported to the launch pad before the first one was fired, he denied North Korea was going to test a second one ... addition, Japanese officials say North Korea would not launch another Taepodong because of trouble with the missile's booster ...
Baikonur Cosmodrome Site 200
... Site 200 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome is a launch site used by Proton rockets ... It consists of two launch pads, areas 39 and 40 ... launches, including commercial flights conducted by International Launch Services ...

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