Laud may refer to:

People with the surname Laud:

  • William Laud (1573–1645), Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Derek Laud (born 1964), British political lobbyist

People with the given name Laud:

  • Laud of Coutances (6th century), bishop of Coutances
  • Laud Humphreys (1930–1988), American sociologist and author

Other articles related to "laud":

Derek Laud
... Derek George Henry Laud (born 9 August 1964) is a British lobbyist, businessman, political adviser, speechwriter, and journalist ... Laud is co-founder and the executive director of the New City Initiative, a think tank and financial lobbying company ... Laud was the first black member of the Conservative Monday Club and first black master of foxhounds in the United Kingdom ...
Laudian Professor Of Arabic - History - Foundation
... of Oxford was established in 1636 by William Laud (Chancellor of the University of Oxford from 1630 to 1641 and Archbishop of Canterbury from 1633 to 1645) ... Laud wrote to Edward Pococke, who was serving as chaplain in Aleppo in modern-day Syria to improve his knowledge of Arabic language and literature, requesting his return to Oxford to ... Laud also bought Arabic books for the Bodleian Library, with Pococke's assistance ...
Lectionary 20 - History
... In 1633 it was purchased by William Laud, and became part of his collection ... was slightly examined by John Mill (as Laud ... Currently the codex is located in the Bodleian Library (Laud ...
Robert Abbot (bishop) - Life
... he attacked John Howson and William Laud, implying Catholic sympathies, and wrapping in those terms the further implication that Laud was Arminian ... were attempting to undermine the Protestant Reformation, Abbot was clearly referencing Laud, who was present for the lecture ... Laud, stung, wrote to his friend, Richard Neile, Bishop of Lincoln, complaining that, "he was fain to sit patiently at the rehearsal of this sermon, though ...