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El Chal - History
... Late Preclassic occupation has only been identified in a few residential groups in the site core ... probably situated some distance to the northeast of the Late Classic centre, where a large ritual complex is located ... The major period of occupation at the site was during the Late Classic, when most of the major architecture was built ...
El Chal - Site Description - Central Sector - East Plaza
... The plaza had two construction phases, the first dated to the Late Classic and the second to the Terminal Classic ... A few Late Preclassic ceramic fragments were also recovered ... They have been dated to the Late Classic ...
Motul De San José - History - Classic Period - Late Classic
... Motul de San José experienced its second major peak in occupation during the Late Classic period, between AD 600 and AD 830 ... Chakokot reached its peak population and most of its residential complexes were built in the Late Classic ...
Motul De San José - Satellite Sites - Buena Vista
... was probably occupied from the Middle Preclassic through to the Late Classic, with a much reduced population in the Early Postclassic ... They were built in the Middle to Late Preclassic periods and then reused in the Late Classic ... It was a 2.5 metres (8.2 ft) high Late Classic funerary structure containing a looted tomb ...
History Of Mesoamerica - Timeline - Classic Period
... The Classic period of Mesoamerica includes the years from 250 to 900 CE ... the fall of the regional centers of the late Classic (sometimes called Epiclassic) period, towards the year 900 in the Gulf, with the decline of El Tajín, in the year 800 in the Mayan area, with the abandonment ... Normally, the Classic period in Mesoamerica is characterized as the stage in which the arts, science, urbanism, architecture, and social organization reached their peak ...

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    Shatter the icons of slavery and fear.
    the leer
    of the minstrel’s burnt-cork face
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    Dudley Randall (b. 1914)

    The value of old age depends upon the person who reaches it. To some men of early performance it is useless. To others, who are late to develop, it just enables them to finish the job.
    Thomas Hardy (1840–1928)