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Death Of Ludwig Van Beethoven - Autopsy and Post-mortem Findings
... necrosis, a common result of analgesic abuse (it is known that he used large amounts of drugs obtained from his brother Johann, a pharmacist) ... Large amounts of reddish fluid had accumulated in Beethoven's abdomen, likely from spontaneous bacterial infections mixed with some blood ...
Aeolis Quadrangle - What Spirit Rover Discovered About Rocks and Minerals On Mars - Columbia Hills
... The Columbia Hills’ rocks contain basaltic glass, along with varying amounts of olivine and sulfates ... The olivine abundance varies inversely with the amount of sulfates ... the Columbia Hills, may be an evaporate deposit because it contains large amounts of sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, and iron ...
Civic Center, San Francisco - Attractions and Characteristics
... of a small farmers' market as well as a large equestrian statue of Simon Bolivar ... a seedy, run-down, high crime reputation and appearance with large amounts of Homeless encampments which has prevented it from attracting the large amounts of tourists seen in other areas of the city ... aimed primarily at discouraging the homeless from camping there, large amounts of homeless continue to camp and loiter in the area ...
Impact Winter
... by the impact on the Earth surface or atmosphere of a large asteroid, comet or gamma-ray burst ... If such an impact occurred on land or the floor of a shallow sea, it could cause large amounts of dust or ash to be thrown into the Earth's atmosphere, blocking the Sun's light and ... the atmosphere by two mechanisms The impact could eject large amounts of regolith (and perhaps shattered bedrock) into the atmosphere The impact could produce a global firestorm or strike ...
Serum Free Light Chain Measurement - Metabolism
... receptor complex (megalin/cubulin) and prevents the loss of large amounts of protein into the urine ... If immunoglobulin light chains are produced in sufficient amounts to overwhelm the proximal tubules’ absorption mechanisms (usually due to the presence of a plasma cell tumour ... The passage of large amounts of immunoglobulin light chains through the kidneys may cause inflammation or blockage of the kidney tubules ...

Famous quotes containing the words amounts and/or large:

    Even an attorney of moderate talent can postpone doomsday year after year, for the system of appeals that pervades American jurisprudence amounts to a legalistic wheel of fortune, a game of chance, somewhat fixed in the favor of the criminal, that the participants play interminably.
    Truman Capote (1924–1984)

    He began therefore to invest the fortress of my heart by a circumvallation of distant bows and respectful looks; he then entrenched his forces in the deep caution of never uttering an unguarded word or syllable. His designs being yet covered, he played off from several quarters a large battery of compliments. But here he found a repulse from the enemy by an absolute rejection of such fulsome praise, and this forced him back again close into his former trenches.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)