Languages of Italy

Languages Of Italy

The main language of Italy is Italian (a recent proposal aims to declare it the official language), a descendant of the Tuscan dialect and a direct descendant of Latin, but several regional languages are also spoken to varying degrees. Other non-indigenous languages are spoken by a substantial percentage of the population due to immigration.

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Languages Of Italy - Standardised Written Forms
... The following regional languages of Italy have a standardised written form ... This may be widely accepted or used alongside more traditional written forms Piedmontese traditional, definitely codified between the 20ths and the 60ths of 20th century by Pinin Pacòt and Camillo Brero Ligurian "Grafîa ofiçiâ" created by the Académia Ligùstica do Brénno Sardinian " Limba sarda comuna" Friulian "Grafie uficiâl" created by the Osservatori Regjonâl de Lenghe e de Culture Furlanis Ladin "Grafia Ladina" created by the Istituto Ladin de la Dolomites ...

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