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Weight Over The Bar - Weight Throw For Distance - Indoor Event
... a throwing circle with the thrower's back to the landing area ... The landing area is a sector of approximately 30 degrees ...
RAF West Raynham - Second World War
... The grass landing area was aligned roughly north-east to south-west ... main camp, with housing and headquarters was located immediately west of the landing area ... Between May and November 1943, the grass landing area was replaced with two concrete runways, one 04-22 and 2,000 yards (1,800 m) long and the other 10-28 1,400 yards (1,300 m) ...
Modern United States Navy Carrier Air Operations - Approach
... The Instrument Carrier Landing System (ICLS) is very similar to civilian ILS systems and is used on virtually all Case III approaches ... The Automatic Carrier Landing System (ACLS) is similar to the ICLS, in that it displays "needles" that indicate aircraft position in relation to glideslope and final bearing ... used from as much as 10 nmi until the landing area can be seen at around 1 nmi ...
Bolter (aviation)
... naval aviation, a bolter occurs when an aircraft attempting an arrested landing on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier touches down, but fails to catch an arrestor cable and come to a stop ... throttle and become airborne in order to go around to re-attempt the landing ... Prior to the development of the angled flight deck, aircraft carrier landing areas ran along the axis of the ship ...

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