Lancia Trevi

The Lancia Trevi (Type 828) is a saloon car which was produced between 1980 and 1984. It had transversely mounted in-line four cylinder engines driving the front wheels. Its engines had twin overhead camshafts and electronic ignition. The clutch was a single dry plate with diaphragm and a five-speed gearbox was standard. The suspension consisted of McPherson struts all round with coil springs and anti-roll bar. The wheels were fitted with 185/65 14 inch tyres (Pirelli P6). Steering was rack and pinion. The manufacturer´s estimated fuel consumption was 29.4 mpg at 75 mph for the 1600 manual and 28 mpg at 75 mph for the 2000 manual. The 2000 fitted with an automatic transmission had an official fuel consumption of 25.4 mpg at 75 mph.

The Lancia Beta Trevi was presented at the Turin Auto Show in May 1980. It was presented to the UK market at the Birmingham Motor show of November 1980. Much of the car was derived from the Lancia Beta. The most powerful version of the Trevi was introduced in 1982 - this Volumex (VX) version had a supercharger. The name stems from the Italian "Tre Volumi" (three-box). The Trevi is noted for its unusual dashboard (styled by the Italian industrial designer, Mario Bellini) variously described as ugly, gimmicky and overstyled, resembling Swiss cheese, or having the appearance of something from the US television drama Star Trek. A review of the Volumex model commented that the "´Star Wars' facia remains a disaster".

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