Lament Configuration

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List Of Hellraiser Characters - E - Engineer
... to chase Kirsty Cotton out of Hell when she solves the Lament Configuration puzzle box in her hospital room ... Grappling with Kirsty and her boyfriend Steve as they attempt to reclaim the Lament Configuration, the Engineer is banished back to Hell when Kirsty manages to grab the puzzle box and solves it ... to Joseph by Pinhead that the detective has been in Hell ever since he solved the Lament Configuration, Pinhead also reveals that the Engineer is Joseph's "fles ...
List Of Hellraiser Characters - P - Phillip Lemarchand
... Creating the box, the Lament Configuration, Phillip brings it to de L'Isle and afterward witnesses de L'Isle use the box to summon the demon Angelique ... what he has unleashed, Phillip designs a counter to the Lament Configuration, which he attempts to steal back ... As Phillip tries to steal back the Lament Configuration, discovering that de L'Isle has been betrayed by his servant Jacques, he is found by Jacques and Angelique, who mortally wound him ...

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