Lama Pai

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Chan Tai San - Career
... back to the Clear Cloud Temple and learned Lama Pai (喇嘛派) from Jyu Jik Chuyhn ... of only a few instructors who openly taught the Lama Pai style ... his classes to Americans there were estimated to be only five other public Lama Pai sifu in the world ...
Lama (martial Art) - Lama Pai
... The name "Lama Pai" is primarily associated with the lineage passed down from Wong Yan-Lam through Choi Yit-Gung and Jyu Chyuhn, two of his later students ... and Wong Lun, Choi Yit-Gung continued to use the Lama Pai name ... quite a number of individuals who helped popularize the Lama Pai style ...
Jyu Jik Chuyhn
... in other arts such as “Nam Ying Jao Kuyhnn” (Southern Eagle Claw) and “Ngok Fei Pai” (named after and created by the General, Ngok Fei) ... Chyuhn first learned Lama Pai under the direction of Wong Lum Hoi ... was Chyuhn that he learned all of Wong Lum Hoi’s Lama Pai hand and weapon sets in under 7 years ...
Lama (martial Art) - Wong Yan-Lam
... In addition to Lama Pai, Wong Yan Lam also learned the Lo Han Myuhn (Boddhisattva division) and Gam Gong Myuhn (Diamond division) internal methods and the Tibetan medical techniques ... He also decided that he finally wanted to accept students and teach Lama Pai ... accept any challenger to prove the effectiveness of Lama Pai ...

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