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Lake zones
Littoral zone
Limnetic zone
Profundal zone
Benthic zone
Lake stratification
Lake types
Holomictic lake
Monomictic lake
Dimictic lake
Polymictic lake
Meromictic lake
Amictic lake
Aquatic ecosystems
Wild fisheries
  • Angling
  • Deep lake water cooling
  • Geography
  • Great Lakes
  • Lagoon
  • Lake monster
  • Lentic ecosystems
  • Liman
  • Limnology
  • List of lakes
  • List of lakes in Austria
  • List of lakes in the United States
  • List of largest lakes of Western Europe
  • List of world's deepest lakes
  • List of world's largest lakes
  • Loch
  • Lough
  • Mere (lake)
  • Open and closed lakes, for a description of the difference between exorheic and endorheic lakes
  • Pond
  • Slough (wetland)
  • Tarn

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