Ladle may refer to:

  • Ladle (spoon), a serving device, typically for soup
  • Ladle (metallurgy), a foundry ladle used to carry and pour molten metal
  • Ladle (Japanese tea ceremony tea scoop)
  • Ladle (monthly tournament of Armagetron Advanced)

Other articles related to "ladle":

Bisha'a - Ritual
... asked to lick a hot metal object (spoon, ladle, rod, etc.) thrice ... The instrument of the ritual - typically a metal ladle called the tassa bil basha is heated up by sticking the ladle down into the flames, the convex side being pressed into the ashes ... In the absence of a ladle, other metal objects like knives, spoons and rods are also used, and use of non-metals like rocks have also been documented ...
Cosmo Campoli - Cosmo The Teacher
... I melted the glass in a ladle with an acetalyn torch.. ... still the piece was in the ladle.. ... In frustration I tried to tap the sculpture out of the ladle ...
Ladle Cove, Newfoundland And Labrador
... Ladle Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador, is in Bonavista Bay near Musgrave Harbour on Hamilton Sound ... Ladle Cove has a poor harbour but is located close to good fishing grounds and fishing grounds off the Wadham Islands ... Ladle Cove also attracted settlers because the soil is fertile enough for growing vegetables ...
Ladle (foundry) - Types
... The basic term is often pre-fixed to define the actual purpose of the ladle ... The basic ladle design can therefore include many variations that improve the usage of the ladle for specific tasks ... For example Casting ladle a ladle used to pour molten metal into moulds to produce the casting ...