Láb is a village and municipality in western Slovakia in Malacky District in the Bratislava region.

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... The IBM Kanji System was further enhanced in September, 1979, to include Hardware Offline input/output IBM 5924 T01 Kanji Keypunch (IBM 029 Key Punch with 12-shift key Kanji keyboard) - RPQ Online terminals IBM 3270 Subsystem IBM 3274 model 52C Control Unit with Kanji processing functions IBM 3278 model 52 Display (IBM 3278 Display with 12-shift key Kanji keyboard) IBM 3273 model 52 Inkjet Printer Online printer IBM 3800-2 Printing Subsystem Kanji support software Operating Systems OS/VS1 DOS/VSE IBM 8100 DPPX Development Languages COBOL PL/I DBCS support IMS CICS Utility programs IBM Kanji System was planned, designed and implemented mainly by Double-byte Technical Coordination Organization (DTCO) and development departments in IBM Fujisawa Laboratory, assisted by IBM Endicott Lab (IBM 029), Poughkeepsie Lab (OS/VS), Kingston Lab (IBM 3270), Santa Teresa Lab (IMS), Hursley Lab (CICS), Boeblingen Lab (DOS/VSE) and other locations as well as related vendors.. ...
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... A UCR spokesman said allegations of animal mistreatment were "absolutely false," and that there would be long-term damage to some of the research projects ... Researchers alleged that activists had applied black paint or mascara to the monkey's eyelids to make the sutures look larger than they were, and that damage reported by an ALF veterinarian to the eyelids had been caused by the veterinarian himself ...