La Belle

La Belle may be a place in the US:

  • La Belle, Florida
  • La Belle, Missouri
  • La Belle Township, South Dakota

La Belle may also be:

  • La Belle (discotheque)
  • La Belle (ship)
  • James D. La Belle, U.S. Marine Hero
  • La Belle, a 2000 Korean movie starring Oh Ji-ho

Other articles related to "la belle, la":

La Belle Jardinière
... La belle jardinière, also known as Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist, is a painting by the Italian High Renaissance artist Raphael ... pose of the Madonna illustrates Leonardo's influence on La belle jardinière ...
French Texas - Excavation
... Further information La Belle (ship) In 1908, historian Herbert Eugene Bolton identified an area along Garcitas Creek, near Matagorda Bay, as the location of the fort ... also been searching for the wreckage of La Belle ... La Belle was the oldest French shipwreck discovered in the Western Hemisphere to that date ...
La Belle (ship) - Voyage
... Further information Fort Saint Louis (Texas) On July 24, 1684, La Salle left La Rochelle with four the 36-gun man-of-war Le Joly, the 300-ton storeship L'Aimable, the barque La ... to be unable to find the Mississippi due to a combination of inaccurate maps, La Salle's previous miscalculation of the latitude of the mouth of the Mississippi ... Although La Belle was able to easily navigate the pass into the Bay, the Aimable was grounded on a sandbar ...
La Belle (ship) - Construction
... La Salle originally intended to sail to New France, journey overland to the Illinois Country, and then sail down the Mississippi River to its mouth, where he would ... Louis XIV gave La Salle the use of two ships, Le Joly and La Belle ... Originally, La Belle was built as a kit, with the ship frames assigned to one of four quadrants and numbered sequentially so that the pieces could be assembled later ...

Famous quotes containing the word belle:

    Adolescents have the right to be themselves. The fact that you were the belle of the ball, the captain of the lacrosse team, the president of your senior class, Phi Beta Kappa, or a political activist doesn’t mean that your teenager will be or should be the same....Likewise, the fact that you were a wallflower, uncoordinated, and a C student shouldn’t mean that you push your child to be everything you were not.
    Laurence Steinberg (20th century)