KV, kV, Kv, or kv may refer to:

Science, engineering
  • Kv, Voltage-gated potassium channel, in cell biology, a type of potassium channel
  • kV, Kilovolts, 1000 volts
  • Kv (flow factor), a measure of the flow factor of a liquid
  • KV, the toughness of a material as defined by the Charpy V Test, units: Joule
  • Kv, motor velocity constant, an electric motor constant.
Organisations and companies
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya, a system of schools for the children of public servants in India
  • The Katholieke Verkenners (Catholic Scouts), one of the Scouting organisations that evolved into Scouting Nederland, the national Scouting organisation of the Netherlands
  • Koninklijke Voetbalclub (Royal Football Club), see Koninklijke Voetbalvereniging (disambiguation)
  • KV Racing Technology, an auto racing team
  • KV Pharmaceutical, a drug company
Official acronyms
  • Kavminvodyavia (a Russian airline), IATA operator code
  • Kliment Voroshilov tanks, a series of WWII heavy tanks of the Soviet Union
  • The prefix (NoCGV in English) for Norwegian Coast Guard vessels.
  • Komi language, ISO 639 alpha-2 code
  • KV (Egypt), an acronym referring to tombs in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt
  • KV, Köchel-Verzeichnis, a chronological catalogue of all the compositions of Mozart
  • KV, FIPS country code for Kosovo (List of FIPS country codes)

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... The scope of design and implementation ranged from a 10 kV generator distributor to 132 kV transmission line connections. 132 kV switching equipment with one bus, which was later acquired by E.ON, had been built with two transmission line fields, and also 10/132 kV power plant transformer field were constructed together with their safety ...
Live-line Working - Methods - Insulating Glove or Rubber Glove Working
... Gloves protect the worker from exposure to the live part being worked upon sometimes referred to as the 1st point of contact the point where current would enter the body should an inadvertent contact be made ... Covers of insulating material such as blankets and linehose are employed in rubber glove working to protect the worker from exposure to a part at a different potential sometimes referred to as the 2nd point of contact the point where current would leave the body should an inadvertent contact be made ...
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... the BR 251 all locomotives are designed for 15 kV/16,7 Hz~. 180 Bo’Bo’ Twin system locomotive (15 kV, 16,7 Hz~ / 3 kV=) for international servies in Czechoslovakia, identical with the ČSD 372 E 142 ... Bo’Bo’ 143 ... Bo’Bo’ E 244 ... Bo’Bo ...
Stichodactyla Toxin - Use
... Kv1.3 is also considered a therapeutic target for the treatment of obesity, for enhancing peripheral insulin sensitivity in patients with type-2 diabetes mellitus, and for preventing bone resorption in periodontal disease ... Furthermore, because pancreatic beta cells, which have Kv3.2 channels, are thought to play a role in glucose-dependent firing, ShK, as a Kv3.2 blocker, might be useful in the treatment of type-2 diabetes, although inhibition of the delayed-rectifier current has not yet been observed in human cells even when very high ShK concentrations were used ...