Kondratiev Wave

Kondratiev Wave

Kondratiev waves (also called supercycles, great surges, long waves, K-waves or the long economic cycle) are described as sinusoidal-like cycles in the modern capitalist world economy. Averaging fifty and ranging from approximately forty to sixty years, the cycles consist of alternating periods between high sectoral growth and periods of relatively slow growth. Unlike the short-term business cycle, the long wave of this theory is not accepted by current mainstream economics.

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Business Cycle - History - Classification By Periods
... Proposed Economic Waves Cycle/Wave Name Years Kitchin inventory 3–5 Juglar fixed investment 7–11 Kuznets infrastructural investment 15–25 Kondratiev ... of 15–25 years (after Simon Kuznets also called building cycle]) the Kondratiev wave or long technological cycle of 45–60 years (after Nikolai Kondratiev) ...
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... Elliott Wave analysis is distinct from Kondratiev wave analysis ... Modern Kondratiev theory examines the role of variables such as leading technologies, the long credit cycle and demographics in creating long economic cycles ... Although Elliot wave practitioners and other market analysts refer to Kondratiev waves or long economic cycles or surges, the economic literature generally does not use ...
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... Long wave theory is not accepted by most academic economists, but it is important for innovation-based, development, and evolutionary economics ... about the start and the end years of particular waves ...

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