Knowledge Discovery

Knowledge Discovery

Knowledge Extraction is the creation of knowledge from structured (relational databases, XML) and unstructured (text, documents, images) sources. The resulting knowledge needs to be in a machine-readable and machine-interpretable format and must represent knowledge in a manner that facilitates inferencing. Although it is methodically similar to Information Extraction (NLP) and ETL (Data Warehouse), the main criteria is that the extraction result goes beyond the creation of structured information or the transformation into a relational schema. It requires either the reuse of existing formal knowledge (reusing identifiers or ontologies) or the generation of a schema based on the source data.

The RDB2RDF W3C group is currently standardizing a language for extraction of RDF from relational databases. Another popular example for Knowledge Extraction is the transformation of Wikipedia into structured data and also the mapping to existing knowledge (see DBpedia, Freebase and ).

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