Kiting may refer to:

  • Kiting on gossamer ("ballooning"), by which some spiders and mites disperse.
  • Flying a kite
  • Kiting (video gaming)
  • Check kiting, a form of banking fraud
  • Domain kiting
  • Kitesurfing, a water sport

Other articles related to "kiting":

Check Kiting - Corporate Kiting
... Corporate kiting involves the use of a large kiting scheme involving perhaps millions of dollars to secretly borrow money or earn interest ...
Unpowered Flight - Kiting
... If there is a wind, the tether may be attached to a fixed point, or the motion of an object such as a speedboat can be used to create an airflow or to augment the wind ... The mobile object can even be another kite ...
Check Kiting - Retail-based Kiting
... Retail-based kiting involves the use of a party other than a bank to unknowingly provide temporary funds to an account holder lacking funds needed for check to clear ... and write a check for $100 more than that), say check #2 on day T+0 – this is the kiting ... kiter does not get enough cash and does not continue kiting, then check #2 (or some further check, if this has continued a few iterations) bounces, and the ...
Practical Reasons For Soil Kites
... sand, gravel, or loose dirt, a non-wheeled kiting ski board or land ski allows deflections or kiting effects used in tow sports (e.g ... power kiting on land with non-wheeled landsailing board-skiis where the board kites gives resistance converted to fly the power kite) the land ski is a hybrid soil kite that works in both the soil and air ...