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John Barresi

In January 2003, John Barresi became the sole owner of KiteLife. Having spent the 1997 sport kite season flying together on the Captain Eddie's Flying Circus sport kite team, Barresi shared the same desire to contribute to kiting through promotion, education and stimulation in his role as Webmaster of Kitelife. With Gillard's taking over the editorship of the American Kitefliers Association Kiting Magazine in recent years, Barresi assumed full ownership effective August 1, 2003.

John's history in kiting began in 1990 when we he started flying recreationally in San Francisco, then went on to become a competitor on the national AKA and American Kite Magazine competition circuits... Since then, his experience expanded to include roles on three national championship sport kite teams, roughly 20 individual national championships, positions on several AKA committees and sub-committees, service as a board member on the Kite Trade Association's board of directors, judge at the 2006 World Sport Kite Championships, member of the 2007/2008 Red Bull Kite Performers team, founder of the RevGuild kite club and many other exploits, all of which have contributed to the wide variety of contacts, resources and material that drives Kitelife today.

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