Kirby: Fright To The Finish!!

Kirby: Fright to the Finish— The Movie is a direct-to-video feature-length film released June 14, 2006 in the USA. Released by the Home Entertainment division of 4Kids Entertainment & Nelvana Limited, the movie starred the popular Nintendo character Kirby.

The movie merges the last five episodes of the anime series, Kirby: Right Back at Ya! (in chronological order) together for an American release. This "movie" version does not exist in Japan, since this is just the last five episodes edited together to make it look like a movie. Additionally, the two "Air Ride" episodes had previously been aired on 4Kids TV as standalone episodes but were aired at previous point in the series as a promotion for the video game Kirby Air Ride. The Nightmare Enterprises monsters (and briefly Kirby) were riding various Air Ride machines, found in Kirby Air Ride, which at the time of the episodes' original Japanese airing, had just been recently released. The episodes were put back in its proper chronological location for the movie. It deals with the final showdown between Kirby and Nightmare (known in the dub as NME). Kirby gets tired during the fight and Nightmare enters his sleep. Tiff discovers that since Nightmare is a living form of nightmares, he can only be beaten in the dream world. She then enters Kirby's dream. When Nightmare is about to crush Kirby, a Warp Star appears and Kirby swallows it, becoming Star Rod Kirby, which is Nightmare's only weakness. With the Star Rod, Nightmare is ultimately defeated.

Many references to the sub-game Revenge of Meta Knight were made including the appearance of Meta Knight's battleship Halberd and the boss Heavy Lobster.

The DVD included a "Bonus Kirby Episode" called Hour of the WolfWrath, and the American-created music videos Kirby ‘If Ya Can’t Beat ‘em, Eat ‘em and What’s Cooking on Kirby.

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